NRC Named to GoodBuy’s Awarded Vendors List

DALLAS, TEXAS – National Recruiting Consultants has been named to GoodBuy Purchasing Cooperative’s Awarded Vendors list. GoodBuy offers its members a unique and beneficial opportunity to purchase goods and services from contracts that meet all state and federal competitive bidding requirements, saving valuable time and resources in the process. Members can place their purchases directly with Awarded Vendors for the goods and services they need without going out for bid.

“National Recruiting Consultants is so thrilled to be awarded as one of the approved vendors for the staffing/HR services RFP with GoodBuy and its members.  We are very excited to be given this opportunity to work with all the member districts and assist them with staffing their healthcare and special education needs,” said Stefanie Murphy, president of client services for NRC.

About National Recruiting Consultants

National Recruiting Consultants connects schools with healthcare providers and is dedicated to getting students the essential care they need. NRC is a trusted staffing agency, proudly serving hundreds of school districts.

About GoodBuy

GoodBuy Purchasing Cooperative has been serving its members since 1992. Their quality objective is to make it possible for members — local education agencies (independent school districts, charter schools, religious-based schools), city and county governmental entities, non-profit organizations, colleges, universities and day care centers — to purchase goods and services in an efficient, cost effective and competitive procurement method as outlined in the Texas School Law Bulletin, Sec. 44.031 Purchasing Contracts, and the Texas Government Code, Title 7 Intergovernmental Relations, Sec. 791 Interlocal Cooperation Contracts. For more information, go to